1-800-423-9266 or 303-984-9500

13515 Lariat Place, Elbert, CO 80106

8941 6400 Road, Montrose, CO 81401

Stephen- 720-445-2709

Allen- 303-619-5138



Do I need to register to get help online or purchase?

Yes, your student(s) will not have a seller ID to share with others if you do not register and add the Student(s) to your account.

Will my email be kept or used by Liberty?

No. In fact your email is only used to send your receipt and is not used for any other purposes.

Do my purchases get delivered to me or the school?

Your purchases all get delivered to the school unless you specifically pay for non-frozen items or buy Magazine Subscriptions.


For any other questions please email stephen@libertyfundraising.org or call 303-984-9500 for help.