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Q.  What about my personal information?

A.  Genevieve’s will not rent, sell or make known to any outside party any personal information obtained while visiting our website.  Information is for our internal purposes only.  The only exception to this is when a Shopper makes an online purchase and gives credit to a Seller/Student.  Then the name, city, and state of the Shopper are made known to the Seller/Student so that he/she can thank the Shopper.

People who set-up accounts on are asked to provide their name and email address to place an order.  This information may also be used occasionally to send updates or information by email.  Each registered user always has the option to remove his/her name and account.

Information contained within general email inquiries sent to is used solely for the purpose of responding to the inquiry.  If a request is made for a particular product, the information is entered into a general database to help us track customer requests; however, the customer’s identity is not recorded in the database.

We will send you information by email if you have requested it; however, you always have the option to remove your name and email from our email list.